Tuesday, August 9, 2011

An Award! Who Me?

I can't believe it!! My pal, BadAndy (a/k/a @BadAndy_KityKat on Twitter) gave me this Stylish Blogger Award - MEOW! What a beautiful award.  I'm going to try and attempt to put it here now:

(paws to mouth) - Oh my! it worked!  I tells you, I fell backwards when I saw it.  I luvs my blog, but I'm nowhere near da stylishness of my other pals' blogs! Now this award is not given for free, uh-uh.  I has to share 7 things about me that no one knows about me.  Does dat include my Mom?  I hopes not, she knows everything, even where I leave my collars in da yard.  Excuse me a moment . . .

[conversation with Mom]

I was just talking wif Mom, she thinks I should disclose ONE thing only no one knows about me, dis way I remains Smokey Pino - Kat of Mystery! MOL! So one thing dat everyone knows about me is how I luvs to eat.  What no one knows is dat I won't eat until Mom grooms me!  If she's not in da house, I will eat but if Mom is in da house, I needs to be groomed first.  So there! Now you knows something new about me.

Da next step, is giving out this award to someone else.  So, I'm giving this award to my pal @whskr.  Can't wait to see what we don't know about her.  So off I go to send her the award and find out sekrets from her.

Thanks you for stopping by, always a pleasure to chat for a whiles,

Your pal,


  1. OH my goodness a Bloggy Award! Thank you.

    OK * runs off to do blog post *

  2. Hey Smokey! You did it all by yourself! Looks great. :) Sorry I wasn't around...mama having some troubles.

    ONLY ONE?! aww, darn. Didn't know you was the Kat of Mystery. hhmmm Hey, that means I know 2 things about you now! XoX