Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Just Plain Thankful!

(Hours before - Smokey on typewriter / much wringing of paws - smoke coming out of both ears)

Present time:

Hullos Pals!

Well, dis Thursday I almost didn't write this blog. I was having a little bit of trouble accentuating on da pawsitive: riots and looting where my pal @jazzydacat lives; my auntie Isabel confirmed her cancer has metastasized; pals crossing Over to the Rainbow Bridge; somefing going on wif economy which means my treats have been downgraded; on and on.

But mom had a chat to human (a little play on words there) wif me, and in da end, she gave me da sekret words dat make up da word "thankful": gratitude, hope, and faith (wif a bit of humour thrown in).

So I've thot about it and I have to practice a bit more on all those sekret words (except humour cuz I'm one goofball of a kat dat make Mom laff).  But I have gratitude in my heart when all my pals show kindness to me; and I have hope that things will get better for all da anipals and hoomans dat suffer; and I have faith in one dat I cannot see, but I know who is there.  So in da end, I AM ONE THANKFUL KITTEH!

Thanks for stopping by!
Signed: Smokey


  1. What a nice reminder! Even when things aren't looking good, there's always something we can appreciate. Thanks Smokey!

  2. Oh My C - I just discovered your bloggy. This is great and the best surprise of the day pal. My ooman was busy doing "stuff" again for the past week, so we hasn't been able to visit any other blogs. Imagine our great surprise to find your's tonight. Welcome to the blog world pal. Can't wait to learn more about you.

  3. Stated purrrrfectly! Gratitude, faith, hope & humor = purrrfect words to live by.

    Love, hope & strength for your auntie, XoX

  4. This was a simple but much-needed post. It's hard to keep a grateful mindset when it seems like all heck is breaking loose, but your secret words of gratitude, faith, hope & humor will be what get us all through! So I am THANKFUL for this post!