Thursday, September 5, 2013

Earning Your Angel Wings

My Dearest Smokey,

Today makes one week when you crossed over to The Bridge. I have made an uneasy peace with that Bridge. I hate IT because you, like so many of your pals, crossed it. That Bridge has broken many hearts, including mine. Yet, I know until we meet again, and we will meet again my sweet boy, you are free to run or take wonderful long naps. All the treats in the world are yours to have. When it is time for us to meet again, I will run down that bridge and we will spend eternity together.

Six years was just too short. You were my one true joy during these six years and I thank you for those years you spent with me. You certainly didn't have to earn your wings because you had them all along!

I will always love my sweet and darling Angel.

Your Mom


  1. Oh Smokey, our hearts ache for your momma. We wish there was a way to heal her broken heart, for we would move heaven and earth to do so for her. Instead, we stand with her and send comforting purrs and all our love. We miss you sweet friend - and we're there for your mom.

    1. Thank you so much. She knows it will take time but if it werent for all the support she has received, it would have been a dark, dark time. Thank you for your kind words.