Sunday, September 29, 2013

Smokey - Remembered

Look at that face. How could you not love it? The sweet smile, what were you dreaming about Smokey? That little paw.  And with this picture, Smokey began to be recognized as a pal in Twitter.  

He had been there longer, but I didn't know much about avis, photoshopping, and so I had put a picture that to me said, "Hey! What's going on? Let's meow!" But the napping Smokey seemed to make him more recognizable.

Today makes a month that Smokey crossed and I want to reminisce about him.  The real Smokey, not @Smokey8 Twitter purrsona or Smo Key Pino from Facebook. 

Smokey was born Valentines Day 2005 in my cousin's home.  Smokey's name was given to him by my cousin's grandchild.  She ended living by herself with her dog, Rosita (who came to live with us after my cousin's passing) and Smokey.  

The year 2005 distinguishes itself for two things: my beloved cat Frutty, 17 yrs, crossed over -and- Smokey was born.  Both proved to be different in temperament, in fur color, in health, and in death.  One thing they both had in common: they left me heartbroken when they crossed.  

I'm always being asked how many cats I have.  I love cats; I get their personality. However, I consider myself a one cat woman.  I inherited most of the cats I have.  My father started bringing cats to our home and he loved feeding them, taking care of them.  After he passed on, my Mom took over the feeding and then when she became ill, I inherited the job of feeding the cats.  Frutty was my one and only at that time.

In 2008, while my cousin was hospitalized, we brought Rosita the dog and Smokey the cat home.  It took all of 24 hours for me to fall in love with Smokey.  He was the shyest cat ever but he couldn't help himself.  He needed to be loved.  He became chief feline officer and when my cousin came over to pick up Rosita and Smokey, I told her I wanted to keep Smokey.  She readily agreed as she was planning to give Smokey to her daughter and she knew Smokey would be loved by me.

Smokey was not the type of cat you could show off to your friends when they visited.  He would get panicky.  He didn't like to be carried either.  If I carried him longer than 3 seconds, it would be a fight and I would bear the scratches.  However, when it came to cuddles and napping, he would jump up in bed and would fall asleep while looking at me.  Most of the pictures I have of Smokey are while he was falling asleep.  He hated to be photographed.  Something about this box in front of his face that scared him.  He loved to be groomed.  Did not like my Disney theme song for him.  Probably my singing voice is at fault rather than the Disney song.  He loved his treats! Boy, did he love to eat.

Smokey was an indoor/outdoor cat.  He was not a fighter.  If he had to, he would do the slapping around but I never saw or heard him get into an all drag down cat fight.  He was a bit mischievous when he wanted to cuddle with me and there was another cat on the bed.  He would start edging over to the cat and put his paw near, knowing it would bother the other cat.  He hated when my back was turned. 

Smokey did not have the street smarts that our other cats have.  He didn't have to.  His eight years were healthy and he never suffered like some of the other cats who have had to survive out in the streets.  Yet, his last living hours were the most horrible he ever had to endure.  I cannot think about it anymore.  I pray he forgives me for not being there the one time he needed me.  

I think of him in a cloud with all possible modern conveniences at his disposal when he tweets.  Otherwise, I see him with my father and our other cats waiting peacefully until we all meet again.  I also think of him keeping my cousin company until Rosita her dog crosses over.  I wish I could have some beautiful dream where I can see him again.  

I thought about closing Smokey's account when he crossed but for now I would like him to be remembered, albeit with halos, wings and clouds and also with all his costumes that I so lovingly photoshopped for all the pawpawties, Nipclub pawties, pawties and events that he attended.  I will probably make some minor changes in the blog but that's in the future.  For now, he remains in Twitter and is Angel Smokey along (and sadly) with a growing list of angel pals.

This was Smokey's last photo taken the week he crossed:
Look at those whiskers! Bit more mature but still his Mom's handsome lover boy!

Til we meet again my most beautiful and darling Smokey! I will always have you in my heart.

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  1. Oh dear, I'm so sorry i didn't find this post and your blog sooner. What a beautiful remembrance post of your beloved Smokey. What a handsome fellow he was. I'm so happy you are staying on Twitter as Angel Smokey - it's so important. We used to have so much fun at pawparties and things. We have a great group of friends over there and are so very fortunate to have each other. Big hugs to you mom, I know your heart is still breaking. Of course Smokey has forgiven you - it was an accident - horrible accident, but an accident. Please don't blame yourself. He loved you and you loved him. You gave him such wonderful years. You will meet again one day and he'll cuddle with you once again. Love you dear friend.