Saturday, June 26, 2010

You Gotta Have Furriends!

There's an oldie song (by oldie I mean older dan my Mom) and part of the lyrics is "You Gotta Have Furriends".  It is so true! Without my pal Cokie (a/k/a @CokietheCat on Twitter), my Mom would still be trying to set up my blog.  I'm a simple kind of kitteh, so I would have started my musings a longs time ago.  However, my Mom is a bit obsessive and she wanted this picture of me here, da pawtrait over there, and it was taking more time than my nine lives put together to get this blog started, until Cokie stepped in, and finally, here I am writing my first post.

You will haz to forgive my Mom - the typist. She will be typing my thoughts and at times my thoughts will all come too quickly, so hopefully you will be able to follow my meanderings!

I haves no idea what I will write about in da future, but this, my first blog, is dedicated to Cokie and his Mom for all their help in getting me started.

Until the next time and thanks for stopping by! Purrrs.

Smokey =^..^=

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