Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Is It Christmas?

Is it Christmas yet?

(One minute later)
Is it Christmas yet?

(Two minutes later)

 I think I hear Santa.....

Mystery Package Arrived!

(Originally published as a guest in Secret Santa Paws Exchange)

Hello, hello Pals in All Different Time Zones!

I’m Peekaboo! and I’m so eggcited because this week we received a most mysterious package. Mom hid it and she won’t tell me who sent the package. I finally got her to to confirm and YES! It’s from our Secret Santa Paws!

Hey Butterfly! Stop sleeping and come and see our package! But we are not allowed to open until TOMORROW.

WHAT! who’s in charge here because this is not acceptable, not acceptable at all!

Well, nothing we can do except leave some hairballs in her shoe and then we will never get our package πŸ“¦

THANK YOU SO MUCH OUR DEAREST SECRET SANTA! we’ll be back to reveal your name
Signed: Peekaboo!, Guest Blogger

Sunday, December 15, 2019

On Its Way!

This is our post as guest bloggers on the Secret Exchange 2019

Hello Everyone from All Time Zones!

We’re Peekaboo! and Butterfly, GuestBloggers. I’m the Elf on the right and Butterfly is Ms Santa on the left. The handsome kitty top right is our dear Angel Smokey, who started every fing, and to this day is still Chief Feline Officer handling stuff from The Rainbow Bridge.

Well I’m very eggcited to report that we sent our box already and I’m keeping track of it on Mom’s iPhone. Here’s me making sure Mom was up to the task.

Oops! Caught a blooper in time — almost showed one of the exchange gifts 🎁

Well that’s it for now.  We’ll be looking to report on our package that Butterfly is waiting for most anxiously. I already told her whatever we receive, is to be shared.  Wasn’t too happy wif that.

~Peekaboo xo

Friday, December 13, 2019

Hustle and Bustle!

Hello pals from All Time Zones!

I’m Peekaboo and just wanted to do a “peek-in” and tell you everything that is going on (all the while  playing peekaboo with Mom).

Well it’s hustle and bustle here at our home. First of all, I finally managed to dictate our messages of love and peace to our pals to send by snail mail.  I have the magical power of typing but still cannot read or write. Do you have the same magical powers?

Then I was busy getting our sekret paws package ready for shipment.  Got so involved with da packages I almost sent myself inside da box! Butterfly did not move one paw 🐾 or two to help. Lazy diva.

Also have been busy getting our ecards ready for sending over the weekend.

Well, that’s it for now. Everyone is so busy but please take a page from Lazy Butterfly’s book and breathe, enjoy da festive season and try to relax. Get your hoomans to chill.

Be kind to everyone and thank you for stopping by!


Friday, November 15, 2019

Changes A Coming!

Hello Everyone In All Time Zones¡

Peekaboo! here. I know the Holidays are approaching when Mom is in a flurry getting cards made and our blog updated (that’s in the works), and most importantly, I’m actually getting to put thoughts to paw to here and posting once again.

Where’s Butterfly you might very well be asking?  Don’t worry about Butterball, err, I meant Butterfly πŸ¦‹.  She’s well where you’d think she might be:

See? Never looks at the camera and never wants to do anything unless it has to do with cookies (that’s her word for treats).

I’ll be posting fairly soon again and I hope our pals are getting eggcited about the thoughts of treats and such from Santa Paws.

Until next time¡

Peekaboo! xx

Monday, November 11, 2019

Veterans’ Day

We each chose our favourite image to share with you.

From Angel Smokey:
In honor of those who died for us (bows head) God Bless

From Butterfly:
In honor of those veterans who are older and fought the fight for us (bows head) God Bless

From Peekaboo!
In honor of those soldiers who are still serving. God bless
Thank you (bows head and prays for all our soldiers of today)

From CrazyCollette:
In honor of all K9 veterans.
Thank you. God bless



Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Happy Birthday Marg!

Hello everyone in all time zones!

Today a very special lady, Marg, is celebrating a very special birthday.  We don’t know if this link will help, but hopefully it will and you can visit Marg and efurrbody else.  https://margsanimals.blogspot.com/

Love that smile! Don’t you?
                                   Badge Credit:  The Wonderpurr Ann Adamus from Zoolatry 

Hugs n Purrs from
 Butterfly πŸ¦‹
     Peekaboo! and