Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Remembering Butterfly (2006 - Dec 20, 2020)


Tessie:  This is a very sad post for all of us, but for Peekaboo it has been the hardest.  

Peekaboo:  Mom had to make the decision in December that Butterfly was not well at all, would never get well, and was in pain, so she helped Butterfly gently cross over to the Bridge.  She had lost weight and she didn’t complain, but seemed in pain so Mom took her to the vet.  Mom thought it might be kidney issues and thought a new diet and some meds would help her.  

Tessie:  When I went to pick up Butterfly from the vet and bring her home, I had no inkling of the news I’d hear and the heart wrenching decision I would have to make — the vet said Butterfly was terribly ill.  She had tumors all over her body and had abdominal peritonitis.  The vet said she was in much pain and to let her go would be the best for her.  How could this be?  A few months before another vet had done blood work and she was fine except for a bit of the kidney levels were off but that was it.  I was stunned.

Peekaboo:  I looked for Butterfly that morning but didn’t find her.  Where did she hide?  That naughty girl, I bet she escaped from the bedroom and ... and then Mom entered the bedroom.  When I saw Mom crying, I knew I’d never see my big sisfur again.  I tried to hide but Mom picked me up and told me Butterfly’s story.

Tessie:  Originally, Butterfly was an outdoor cat, we don’t think she had a home but she would come to eat with the neighborhood crew who didn’t seem to have homes.  Feeding outdoor cats was a tradition started by my Dad.  And so, in that tradition, Butterfly was part of the crowd who came every night for dinner. She had a  very “defined” purrsonality.  

Peekaboo:  That’s my type of cat!  Butterfly was smallish and round but da way she meowed at the outdoor crew, you’d think she never had a meal in her life!  Mom thought she was crazy but what did she know?  Butterfly made sure none of the boy cats touched her and let them know she meant business.  None of them would try to be friends with her.  She would strut up to our front door swatting anyone that came close (including Mom)!  Even while eating her food she’d be making warning noises which Mom found very funny.

Time passed and one day, Butterfly stopped coming by.  Mom even thought she had crossed over to the Bridge.  Then one Saturday morning, when Mom went to feed the crew, she couldn’t believe her eyes!  Butterfly in the flesh meowing at Mom from across the street.  Mom crossed over to her, poor Butterfly had lost about half her weight.  Butterfly even let herself be picked up without a fight and Mom brought her in and from that day, Butterfly never went out again, never even tried to get out of the house (except when Mom took her to the vet).  

Tessie:  After Butterfly’s return, the vet examined her and, except for a bit of dehydration, the vet said she was in pretty good shape.  She became Queen Butterfly and oh! How I loved to hug her when I returned home from work.  Wasn’t easy though.

Peekaboo:  I love this part ... Mom doesn’t have to beg kissies and cuddles from me!  Even though Butterfly was happy to be inside, it didn’t make it that Mom could kiss and cuddle her.  Oh, no...she’d let herself be picked up and Mom had 5 seconds to give her kisses, put her down and get her hand out of the way or else be swatted by Butterfly.  As the years passed, Butterfly expected those kisses and would let Mom kiss her for 1/2 minute or else be swatted.  It was their ritual.  Ha-ha!! That naughty girl!

Tessie:  Thanks to Peekaboo, Butterfly slowly mellowed and every night while I was watching TV, she’d jump on top of me and settle for quality time (always with an eye out for Collette to swat her).  

Peekaboo:  In 2018, I showed up but I don’t remember exactly how I got here.  I was a kitten so my memory is hazy..  Had my share of troubles.  The bones in my tail were fractured and my tail had to be amputated. Mom took me in hoping I’d keep Butterfly company.  After taking it easy and living inside a pet enclosure for a few weeks, Butterfly made it known that we could live together but in separate sides of the bedroom.  Yeah, right.  A sweet and gregarious kitty like me was not going to be kept apart from her big sisfur  

So little by little, I kept Butterfly entertained.  I reminded her how to chase without it being a feline war.  Eventually we would sit close together, and kept each other company.  

Tessie:   The first week after Butterfly left us, Peekaboo missed Butterfly a lot.  I work from home and have made my office on one side of the house and Collette goes to work every day with me.  I’ve been bringing Peekaboo to work with us and I think she’s feeling better.

Peekaboo:  Mom didn’t want me to be myself those few weeks after Butterfly left us, so I went to work with them too.  I like to be part of the work group.  My job is office manager and it means I sleep a lot; Collette is Mom’s assistant which means eating and sleeping a lot.  Mom even tells us we work hard for the money.

Butterfly is back with us in a beautiful box.  We miss her:  one beautiful kitty who left us with sweet memories and will never ever be forgotten.  Our well loved BUTTERFLY.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Stick to Love

 We love these words and try to live them by our actions (although I swipe at Collette when she wags her tail non stop in my face). 

(Photo courtesy of our friend Ann Adamus)

Monday, December 28, 2020

Thank You Secret Santa Paws (Part 1)

 Hello Pals in All Different Time Zones!

Our Secret Santa Paws box arrived today!!

OMG! I’m so excited! I’m trying to open all the carefully wrapped gifts all at once! Mom let me open one today so that we can say THANK YOU!!

I knew there were some good smells from the box. The type that make me want to rip the box open!

Hey Mom! What does the card say (it’s so frustrating being able to type but not read)

Did you say my Secret Santa is from Spike William, Mom and Dad?  

The blog is Spike William’s Blog (featuring my new pal, Spike William).

We’re posting this to acknowledge we received the gifts and to say THANK YOU SPIKE WIILIAM !! I’ve never ever received so many gifts. 

I’ll be back with more pix and to show more of my gifts. 

xo, Peekaboo 

 (A copy was posted in Santa Paws)

Monday, December 21, 2020

Angel Butterfly (2006 - Dec. 20, 2020)


Ann from Zoolatry made this beautiful commemorative badge!  BUTTERFLY FOREVER INDEED!

Love you forever!

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Butterfly Earns Her Angel Wings



Mom is writing today.  Our sweet Butterfly had to be helped to go to the Rainbow Bridge this morning.

Peekaboo is mourning the loss of her big sister, Butterfly.  She’s been looking for Butterfly all day, and we are all grieving the loss of our sweet (at times grumpy) girl.  It’s been a quiet day for us trying to come to terms with the loss.

We will post again when we are better able to express our feelings. 

Hugs n purrs

Mom Tessie

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Oh Boy ! On Its Way! 2020

 Hello All Pals from Different Time Zones!

Peekaboo here to give you the latest.

We actually wrapped our Secret Paws goodies (I’m dying to tell you but Butterfly won’t let me—top secret) and Mom braved the Florida freezing weather of 65 degrees and dropped the box for special delivery.

Mom says it’s inside a car just like the one in the pillow behind me.

Butterfly is in charge of keeping track where the box is as it goes all the way to ...PEEKABOO! Didn’t we discuss this already? Hush that mouth of yours.  

Sorry Pals, better sign off here before I disclose too much information.

Until next time, 

xo Peekaboo 

(Copy of this post published in the Secret Paws Blog)

Sunday, November 22, 2020

All Aboard!

 Hello Pals from All Time Zones!

Peekaboo here to remind you that the Blessings Train will be going down those tracks pretty soon.  Please visit DezizWorld so that you can get your Blessings Train and decorate it. We are going to be sending our train pretty soon and joining our pals with blessings to all.

Hope all are well and looking for that turkey dinner in our home. 

Until next time and thank you for stopping by. 

Signed: Peekaboo