Sunday, November 22, 2020

All Aboard!

 Hello Pals from All Time Zones!

Peekaboo here to remind you that the Blessings Train will be going down those tracks pretty soon.  Please visit DezizWorld so that you can get your Blessings Train and decorate it. We are going to be sending our train pretty soon and joining our pals with blessings to all.

Hope all are well and looking for that turkey dinner in our home. 

Until next time and thank you for stopping by. 

Signed: Peekaboo 

Monday, November 2, 2020

PEACE !! Dona Nobis Pacem

 Hello Pals from all Time Zones!

Peekaboo here today trying to spruce our little blog.  It is a bit dusty as we seem to go into hibernation every year and come alive during the holidays!  What a year but more on that later.

The most pressing thing is we received a very important communication from Ms. Ann over at Zoolatry regarding the Nov. 4th “Dona Nobis Pacem Blog 4 Peace” day.  I managed to get the info badge on the sidebar. 

More news about us later on and please know that we have been putting our little paws in purrayer for all our pals during this trying year.

Thank you for stopping by!

Your pal,

Friday, February 14, 2020

Smokey 2.14.2005-3.29.2013

Hello Pals in all Time Zones!

I’m Peekaboo and today Butterfly and I would like to remember our brofur Smokey.

Smokey was a Valentine’s kitty who, according to our Mom, had the softest fur. Mom says my fur feels just like Smokey’s.  I think we would have gotten along very well. Smokey was born in our cousin’s home and came to live here when his First Mom — oh dear, this is confusing me. I guess his first mom was a Cat Mom who abandoned him. Then, his first human Mom would be the Cousin who couldn’t take care of him anymore after two years.   Then his real Mom as we all know his our Mom, Tessie.

Around 2009, he joined Twitter and slowly started to meet a whole generation of Twitter pals who according to lore, were some hardy pawty animals! MOL! Oh how I wish I would have been born then to pawty with Smokey and meet such great pals!

This was his main avatar pic and he even won a bronze medal at the Teddy Olympics in the napping category with this picture. Way to go Smokey!

Up until he sadly passed and went to the Rainbow Bridge, he was the happiest and sweetest cat ever. Ever so often, he gets on the latest cloud model known as the Smokey Cloud XL and comes down to Earth and  attends some pawsome pawties  during the year. He is now known as AngelSmokey8 and became an aviator who escorts new Angels to the Rainbow Bridge with #TheAviators.

So Sweet Smokey, you will always be in our hearts and we will never forget you. I hope I haven’t made too many mistakes but I took da Mom’s phone to type this, and as all of you know, I can type but I cannot read, so paws crossed that this post is adequate. To tell the truth I’m already a bit exhausted myself trying to put paw to phone typewriter.

Happy Valentine’s Day and always be kind and full of love!!  Xo

Sunday, February 9, 2020

I'm Getting Ready!

Hey, Peek.A.Boo, did you know it's almost Valentine's Day?

We have to start making our cards for all those we love so much ...

Oh, yes we do!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Is It Christmas?

Is it Christmas yet?

(One minute later)
Is it Christmas yet?

(Two minutes later)

 I think I hear Santa.....

Mystery Package Arrived!

(Originally published as a guest in Secret Santa Paws Exchange)

Hello, hello Pals in All Different Time Zones!

I’m Peekaboo! and I’m so eggcited because this week we received a most mysterious package. Mom hid it and she won’t tell me who sent the package. I finally got her to to confirm and YES! It’s from our Secret Santa Paws!

Hey Butterfly! Stop sleeping and come and see our package! But we are not allowed to open until TOMORROW.

WHAT! who’s in charge here because this is not acceptable, not acceptable at all!

Well, nothing we can do except leave some hairballs in her shoe and then we will never get our package 📦

THANK YOU SO MUCH OUR DEAREST SECRET SANTA! we’ll be back to reveal your name
Signed: Peekaboo!, Guest Blogger

Sunday, December 15, 2019

On Its Way!

This is our post as guest bloggers on the Secret Exchange 2019

Hello Everyone from All Time Zones!

We’re Peekaboo! and Butterfly, GuestBloggers. I’m the Elf on the right and Butterfly is Ms Santa on the left. The handsome kitty top right is our dear Angel Smokey, who started every fing, and to this day is still Chief Feline Officer handling stuff from The Rainbow Bridge.

Well I’m very eggcited to report that we sent our box already and I’m keeping track of it on Mom’s iPhone. Here’s me making sure Mom was up to the task.

Oops! Caught a blooper in time — almost showed one of the exchange gifts 🎁

Well that’s it for now.  We’ll be looking to report on our package that Butterfly is waiting for most anxiously. I already told her whatever we receive, is to be shared.  Wasn’t too happy wif that.

~Peekaboo xo