Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Still Here

Well, my pal Cokie the Cat started this new Thankful Thursday blog.  I'm not very good at following instructions.  But I will say after all the crossings over to the Rainbow Bridge we've had in our family and with some pals, I'm thankful and it's good to say: "Thankful I'm Still Here".  And so I wish all my pals for a long, long time to come to be able to say also: "Still Here."

Not quite sure what else I have to do.  But if anyone stops by, thank you and let me know you stopped by!

Signing off!
Your Very Thankful Pal Smokey

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Angelina - fly away, fly wif joy!

Dear Angelina-lina

Today makes one week you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and today we are setting your soul free. Free to chase butterflies, free to play wif pals at da Rainbow Bridge, free to visit us whenever you wants.

You left behind not only our sad hearts, but left Mom wif grief, shock, frustration and anger, unhappy images. Anger at herself for not being more in tune wif any problems You might have been having and did not see. Anger at da vets and da way you were treated. Frustration dat she cannot do more; unhappy images of your farewell.

We have received many comforting words from my pals this week. Yet Mom could not let You go. It wasn't until Pepi, our Rainbow Bridge Ambassador, sent us a picture of you on your way to your banquet, that Mom was able to breathe again. This is the image she wants of you Angelina, not the sad one of your gasping and unable to overcome.

Mom also found out dat a kind gentleman who worked maintenance at da garage in the building where Mom works, had passed away one week ago. He was always very nice to Mom - big smile on his face - waiving hello or goodbye. Mom hadn't seen him lately and wondered if he had been laid off from work. Well, she found out he had passed on Saturday. Apparently he went to have a heart procedure and flatlined. So we also say so long to James wif da wunnerful smile!

Angelina, we luvs you and miss you. And this is da pic dat Pepi sent us from da Rainbow Bridge escorting you to your banquet. You sure look like a little princess (but dont tell Princess I sais dat). Mom will keep this pic in da frame in my bedroom. You always sneaked into my room wanting to be there so now you'll be always there!

Angelina, we will never forget you. I knows Frutty must be there wif you and Granpa. So fly away, fly wif joy !

Until we meet again!

Your brofur,

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Angelina - a gentle soul

Angelina as a kitten

Angelina in her favorite spot

Angelina wif her sisfur Angie

Dear Angelina,

...(or as Mom called you "Angelina-lina) crossed over da Rainbow Bridge yesterday in da early Sunday hours. Why? We don't know and our hearts are broken. We could speculate forever and a day, and still it won't make you cross over dat Bridge back to us again.

Do you recall how you got your name? Mom ended calling da 3 of you da Angels group. All have da same name wif some variation. You mom cat was named Mother Angelica (although Mom calls her Gloria now) and then there was you, Angelina, (becuz it sounded sweeter and suited your personality) and your sisfur Angie. Angie being da adventurous one who loves Crazy Collette.

You were never as adventurous as Angie. Quite content staying inside most of da day. If you did step out, you immediately would come back in. It was just recently you had started going out to da yard longer.

What caused you to leave us so quickly, we'll never know. Mom always thought you'd be da one wif her in her old(er) age. So, having you leave us so quickly is shocking.

When you vomited Friday morning, Mom thought you had an upset stomach. Later on Friday night, you went out and didn't return until Mom had to go look for you on Saturday morning. By then, Mom knew you were sick but thought all you would need was an injection and medication and you'd be home in no time. But da vet poked you and poked you and said you were not well at all and needed urgent care. By da time da technician saw you, you had couldn't stand up. And in those few minutes you and Mom were left alone, you already knew you would be crossing and said goodbye to Mom. Even though Mom begged you to hold on, i guess you saw beautiful fields waiting for you and butterflies to chase across da bridge.

I know it surprises you dat all my pals have said such nice things about you. Why does it surprise you? Don't feel bad Angelina, I'm taking good care of Mom for all of us.

Dear Angelina, we love you and i know we will meet again. In da meantime, play all you want wif Frutty and all my pals who will show you around.

Thank you for spending your short but sweet life wif us.

In sadness and wif love,

your brofur,