Friday, June 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I wanted to get my thanks posted before Fanciful Friday comes around in a few minutes!

Mom has been having some health problems lately and so today she had a nuclear imaging stress test. She explained to me dat dey inject something into da vein to make da heart pump fast as if actually exercising.

So da nurse told her what to expect, but to Mom's ears, basically, feel as she was having a heart attack. Hope my heart never attacks me. Why should it? I'm a hansome kitten.

Anyways, after a machine took pix of her heart, it was time for da stressful part of da test. Da nurse conveniently forgot to tell Mom she had just given her da heart pumping liquid. And da moment da doctor walks in, he sez, "How you feeling Smokey's Mom?" Mom starts feeling out of breath, heart beating so fast she could hardly talk. She was positive she was having a panic attack, even worse, a heart attack even before da stress test was done. Mom was so embarrassed thinking she was having a panic attack, she tells da doctor she was okays although in reality, was expecting any second to see The Light some hoomans say they see after dying. This test is 4 mins. long, so da doctor leaves and da Mom starts feeling better. And Datz when da nurse tells Mom she has 2 mins left to go of da exam. Would it have killed da nurse to give Mom a heads up dat she had given her da heart pumping medicine?

By nows, anyone reading this is asleeps wif my long, rambling story. But this is my point: Mom passed da test cuz she didn't pass out and is home -- and I'm so very grateful for dat! Thanks you Mom's heart for not attacking her and for continuing to beat almost purrfectly!

Until we meet again, be safe, have fun, make sure you get treats, and God bless,

Your pal,


  1. Oh pal, I'm so very happy your mom is okay. We hope all her tests come back okay too. M has never had that test, but she thinks she maybe headed that way soon as her legs are red and black!!! She has a doctor's appointment next week. Hope your mom stays well - it's too too scary.

  2. Hi Smokey, I is I, Madi, Mom and I hope you see this post...first we are glad your Mom passed her heart test with flying colors and we hope she is feeling very good now. Yo are a very pretty kitty. I too and gray but most folks think I'm black and white.

    Mom and I thank you for bidding our our scarf!!
    Hugs madi and Mom

  3. Smokey I hope this message finds you... you won the charm from us for Mini's auction. We need your choice and address so we can get it to you. I will check with Marg too.

    Carolyn Kristof
    Cherry City Kitties