Friday, October 24, 2014

Thankful Thursday -

Hellos everyone! I'm glad to be able to say hi and see what my pals are grateful for this week.

Mom claims to have been very busy at work and couldn't find the time to type what I dictated.  I swear her nose got bigger when she said that.  What?!  Yes Mom.  The letters -chio don't fall too far from your last name. Pino........chio.  Just meow in' Mom.  

Anyway, this week I'm thankful for my sisfur Angie.  She's the sweetest little kitty ever.  I think she resembles our pal Mario somewhat.  Take a look and tell what you think (this is when she was about a year old).

Here's a close up and this is how she looks now (about 4 years old):

One of these days I'll write a little bit about her (and the rest of her family).  I'm just thankful that each kitty in our house makes Mom laugh and Angie is one of them.

I'd also like to thank all my pals who visited my blog recently and left heartfelt words for Mom remembering my first anniversary when I went to The Bridge.  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!

I wish you all a wunnerful week and always remember the small details.  It's all in the details.  The details make us very thankful for what we have!!

Thanks for stopping by.
Your Pal,

Angel Smokey

I always forget to thank my pal @Pepismartdog for hosting this blog.  Thanks Pepi!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Wunnerful World

Phew!! What a hectic week it has been for us at home this week.  I hope everyone is doing well.  August 29th was the one year anniversary of when I crossed over to the Bridge.  Pepi came to greet me and he made sure I wasn't afraid.  The picture I wanted to post of Pepi taking me over is in my old iPhone3s.   Mom made a little avi in my memory and lots of nice pals and their humans sent hugs, a gentle word here, a compassionate wish there.  How can you not be thankful for such wonderful pals!

Thank you all who still remember me and thank you to all my pals who made time to give my Mom some comforting thoughts.

I wish you all a wunnerful week and always remember the small details.  It's all in the details.  The details make us very thankful for what we have! What a wunnerful world!

Thanks for stopping by,

Your Pal,

Angel Smokey


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Eyes

Hello everyone! Hope you had a great week since last Thursday.

First, I'd like to thank @pepismartdog (soon I'll be linking names to pals) for hosting this wonderful blog.  It's always good to be pawsitive about everything and being thankful is a sure way to make us realize how fortunate we are.

This week I'm thankful that my Mom's eyes and vision are better.  She had a little scare this past Saturday when   she started seeing flashes and little worms from her right eye (which da proper human term is "floaters").  She was scared 'cause she thought she might be having a retinal tear or detachment which can be really bad if not attended to immediately.  The good news that we are so thankful for is that she had her eye checked and her retina is okay.  Phew!! What she has (besides old age - wink,wink - you're a young girl Mom, you know I like to kid wif you) is something called Posterior Vitreous Detachment (just a long difficult words to make you feel scared!).  Anyway, it should go away after a few weeks.  

Another fellow who is happy that he can see is my brofur, Sebastian.  He came to live wif us when he was a year old and caught a cold almost immediately.  When Mom took him to the vet (shudder), he had an ulcer in his eye.  Even our good friend @MizzBassie's mom came all the way to our house to bring some drops for his little eye, but it was too late.  Unfortunately, the vet didn't do what he was supposed to do and by the time Mom changed vets, Sebastian's eye had to be operated and he lost one eye.  We are so thankful that Dr. Dollys made him better and he has become a very handsome and rakish cat (a nip addict too, but that's another story).


So another week of good tidings for us.  Thank you so much for stopping by and reading our little stories and for leaving comments.  We get a kick in knowing that we had a visitor to our blog.  Little by little, we are visiting our friends' blogs too.  Always something new and as it is Thankful Thursday, we know the news will be good!

Until next Thursday, be safe, have fun, and try to be thankful at least once a day.

Your pal,

Angel Smokey


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Homer

I belong  to a book club in Twitter and we use the hashtag #Readpawty.  A few years ago, we read a book about a blind kitty and his human.  The book is called "Homer's Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I Learned about Love and Life with a Blind Wonder Cat" and it was so  pawsitive to see a kitty overcoming his so-called disability and his Mom always making sure he would do well.  What a duo they were!

Today makes a year that Homer crossed OTRB and I'm thankful for Homer and other kitties like him who prove that what humans perceive as a "disability", is just another very normal day for them.  Many people are changing their profile on Facebook for 24 hours to honor Homer.  Another wonder kitty that I love, Lucius, made this picture and it's the one I'm using in Twitter and Facebook as my profile to honor Homer for 24 hours.

Thanks Homer and Lucius for teaching us that disability is really "this ability" !

Oops! Almost forgot to show you Homer's picture:

Until next Thursday, have a wunnerful week!

Thanks for stopping by.

(Angel) Smokey

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Tommy

Hiya Pals!

Hope everyone has had a good week so far.  I am thankful today for a neighborhood cat we love and have named him Tommy.

We had to take Tommy to the vet when he stopped eating.  The vet said he had gum lesions that are very painful so this caused him not to eat.  To help him with this, he eventually had to have his teeth pulled out.  Ouchies!!!

Long story short, he had his teeth pulled out last week and we finally were able to bring him home today.  He'll be staying with us a few weeks until we know his gums are healed.  Keep your fingers crossed Tommy doesn't have to return for a second round of surgery.  

For now, we are happy Tommy is with us.  We are very thankful to his vet who is such a nice lady and took good care of him.  I'm also thankful for having such a great pal in @Mariodacat, who showed us what to possibly expect.  He has a whole section of this procedure on his blog.  Talk about ouchies!

Until next week, thanks for stopping by, and always be grateful for even the tiniest of things,

Angel Smokey

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Hello pals! Here I am once again trying to do the Thankful Thursday blog.  My pal,
Mario da Cat's human -  M, has kindly given us step-by-step instructions.  Let's hope it will work.

Below is my sisfur, Angel Princess, who is now with me OTRB.  I bothered her a lot when Mom came into the room as I wanted to be the one and only for Mom.  She assures me I was.  
Anyway, I am thankful for the days we had together.

Angel Princess

I'm also very thankful that M, who has such a busy schedule, took the time to write the instructions to get me hopping! Keep my paws crossed and I hope it works! 
Thank you so much PepiSmartDog for hosting this blog hop every week.  
Angel Smokey