Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Hello pals! Here I am once again trying to do the Thankful Thursday blog.  My pal,
Mario da Cat's human -  M, has kindly given us step-by-step instructions.  Let's hope it will work.

Below is my sisfur, Angel Princess, who is now with me OTRB.  I bothered her a lot when Mom came into the room as I wanted to be the one and only for Mom.  She assures me I was.  
Anyway, I am thankful for the days we had together.

Angel Princess

I'm also very thankful that M, who has such a busy schedule, took the time to write the instructions to get me hopping! Keep my paws crossed and I hope it works! 
Thank you so much PepiSmartDog for hosting this blog hop every week.  
Angel Smokey