Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Hello pals! Here I am once again trying to do the Thankful Thursday blog.  My pal,
Mario da Cat's human -  M, has kindly given us step-by-step instructions.  Let's hope it will work.

Below is my sisfur, Angel Princess, who is now with me OTRB.  I bothered her a lot when Mom came into the room as I wanted to be the one and only for Mom.  She assures me I was.  
Anyway, I am thankful for the days we had together.

Angel Princess

I'm also very thankful that M, who has such a busy schedule, took the time to write the instructions to get me hopping! Keep my paws crossed and I hope it works! 
Thank you so much PepiSmartDog for hosting this blog hop every week.  
Angel Smokey


  1. Good job! Don't worry about the link's pictures. I think that might have been a problem with Linky Tools. Or somehow one tiny step was skipped.

  2. PepiSmartDog: *SCREAM* Oh My DOG - soon as I saw your portrait I knew it was you Smokey! (((((HUGS))))
    So glad Mario helped you make it to our blog hop.
    WELCOME aboard!
    Big apologies for being so late to respond; sometimes things get crazy with rescues and so on. But I'll always arrive in the end, if I'm late.
    Please give my love to your mom and kittehs too.
    Your photo of Angel Princess is really gorgeous.
    Hope you'll be able to join us each week on the blog hop. (I'm not always this late in commenting. *blushes*
    Love you buddy,
    Pepi and mom Michele XXX
    *waves paw* (((HUGS))))