Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Eyes

Hello everyone! Hope you had a great week since last Thursday.

First, I'd like to thank @pepismartdog (soon I'll be linking names to pals) for hosting this wonderful blog.  It's always good to be pawsitive about everything and being thankful is a sure way to make us realize how fortunate we are.

This week I'm thankful that my Mom's eyes and vision are better.  She had a little scare this past Saturday when   she started seeing flashes and little worms from her right eye (which da proper human term is "floaters").  She was scared 'cause she thought she might be having a retinal tear or detachment which can be really bad if not attended to immediately.  The good news that we are so thankful for is that she had her eye checked and her retina is okay.  Phew!! What she has (besides old age - wink,wink - you're a young girl Mom, you know I like to kid wif you) is something called Posterior Vitreous Detachment (just a long difficult words to make you feel scared!).  Anyway, it should go away after a few weeks.  

Another fellow who is happy that he can see is my brofur, Sebastian.  He came to live wif us when he was a year old and caught a cold almost immediately.  When Mom took him to the vet (shudder), he had an ulcer in his eye.  Even our good friend @MizzBassie's mom came all the way to our house to bring some drops for his little eye, but it was too late.  Unfortunately, the vet didn't do what he was supposed to do and by the time Mom changed vets, Sebastian's eye had to be operated and he lost one eye.  We are so thankful that Dr. Dollys made him better and he has become a very handsome and rakish cat (a nip addict too, but that's another story).


So another week of good tidings for us.  Thank you so much for stopping by and reading our little stories and for leaving comments.  We get a kick in knowing that we had a visitor to our blog.  Little by little, we are visiting our friends' blogs too.  Always something new and as it is Thankful Thursday, we know the news will be good!

Until next Thursday, be safe, have fun, and try to be thankful at least once a day.

Your pal,

Angel Smokey



  1. i is so glad to see you here and catch up on your news. Happy to hear your mom's eye will be okay. M has floaters in one of her eyes and sometimes it looks like she sees a dark spot, but it moves around on her. So happy Sebastian will be okay now too. You do have a lot to be thankful for.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Every week my Mom gets your instructions and they work purrfectly ! My Mom still planning to go to Bascom Palmer (prestigious eye hospital) for other things but very glad it turned out okay. Purrs

  2. Nice to meet you Smokey! Glad your mom is ok!

    1. Nice to meet you too! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. We aren't able to get around as often as we'd like any more, so were were reading some of your past posts. We remember Smokey.

    We're glad your mom's eyes are okay.