Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Tommy

Hiya Pals!

Hope everyone has had a good week so far.  I am thankful today for a neighborhood cat we love and have named him Tommy.

We had to take Tommy to the vet when he stopped eating.  The vet said he had gum lesions that are very painful so this caused him not to eat.  To help him with this, he eventually had to have his teeth pulled out.  Ouchies!!!

Long story short, he had his teeth pulled out last week and we finally were able to bring him home today.  He'll be staying with us a few weeks until we know his gums are healed.  Keep your fingers crossed Tommy doesn't have to return for a second round of surgery.  

For now, we are happy Tommy is with us.  We are very thankful to his vet who is such a nice lady and took good care of him.  I'm also thankful for having such a great pal in @Mariodacat, who showed us what to possibly expect.  He has a whole section of this procedure on his blog.  Talk about ouchies!

Until next week, thanks for stopping by, and always be grateful for even the tiniest of things,

Angel Smokey


  1. Hi Smokey! We're sorry that Tommy had to have his teefs taken, but we purr that he is okay now.

  2. Hi pals. I'm so happy that Tommy's surgery went well and he can now get on with the business of getting better. Good job this morning. it worked - YAY.

  3. I've lost most of my teeth, too. Just a few itty-bitty ones and one fang left. My mama & dad both had somethin' with their gums and my sister, Constance, and I inherited it.

    Nothin' stops us though. I'm still catchin' chippies!

    Do you think Tommy might live with you? That would be pretty neat, huh? Super glad to hear his dental went well.


  4. We just had to do that same surgery to one of our cats too and two others here have had it and they are all doing just fine. They can even eat almost anything they want to eat. Nice to meet you.

  5. Aww, we are so sorry to hear about Tommy's teeth, glad the surgery went well! Following from the blog hop!

  6. PepiSmartDog: awwww! Tommy sounds like a real sweetie biy. So lucky to have you as his new family.
    @MariodeCat is certainly the best authority on kitteh dental issues and recovery.
    So happy you are joining our blog hop! *smiles and wags tail*
    BTW - your site is really nice looking - love your colour scheme! It's very elegant.
    Hope you can join us again next week too.
    Love you and mom and hope Tommy is having a good week.
    *waves paw* XXX